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Noooo: Could This Be the End of Hollister's Shirtless Greeters?

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Welcome to Torso Watch, our annual countdown til the first day of summer—also known as the day Hollister's greeters take off their shirts.

Last year's greeter

The greeters outside Hollister usually rip their shirts off around the first or second week of June, a phenomenon called Torso Watch that we've been charting since 2010 (#dedication). However, when we called the Soho and Fifth Avenue stores this morning, we were told that neither locations currently have greeters, which means there may no longer be a display of abs and pecs outside the stores.

We'd like to remind them that it's going to be 90 degrees this weekend, and we're approaching a sexy, sweaty heatwave—maybe one of the regular employees can take one for the team?
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