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The Urban Outfitters Headed For Williamsburg Will Have a Bar

Get #po'dup at UO. Store image by Brian Harkin.
Get #po'dup at UO. Store image by Brian Harkin.

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It's been awhile since we heard any updates on the impending Urban Outfitters Williamsburg. Sounds like things are moving along for the new store, as they've apparently gotten the ball rolling on a liquor license for the store.

Grub Street reports that the store will have a restaurant in addition to a bar (and, you know, apparel/accessories/home accents store). It's unknown what shape the restaurant will take—why does an ABC Kitchen of Billyburg come to mind?—but the retailer has incorporated food into stores in other cities.

Urban Outfitters has played with dining concepts including sandwich shops and cafeteria-style cafes at non-New York City stores. The corporation's gardening offshoot, Terrain, has two locations with full restaurants boasting menus which include $36 striped bass, $39 ribeye, and a $19 vegetable plate. Terrain's president said that customers who eat lunch or drink wine will hang in the store for twice as long, adding that food is becoming bigger in terms of entertainment value.
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