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The VPL Sample Sale Will Satisfy Your Inner Sporty Spice

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The VPL sample sale, set in the brand's Soho location, feels more like a casual shopping trip than a high-stress sale. There were hardly any shoppers there this morning around 10am, and the deals were abundant: everything at the sale is under $125, and the spring and resort collections were worth a browse at 40% off. The best deals were found in the bins set in the center that included bras and bathing suit pieces for $25, and underwear for $15 in all sizes.

There were four racks full of dresses, from short, knit-insertion style summer dresses for $100 and the signature Convexity Breaker Maxi for $125 to fully draped dramatic fall styles that are also $125.

If you're into the sporty look that VPL is known for, be sure to go through the racks of assorted knit tanks that were priced from $25 to $50. If you're looking for the avant-garde pieces, there is a small selection of lightweight asymmetric sweaters that are discounted to $50. And for those of you with shoe sizes 8 and up, the LD Tuttle for VPL shoes were only $50 $100, but they were selling quickly when we left the sale around noon.

Some of the other noteworthy deals included dress pants for $75, and knit leggings for $50. There were only a few outerwear pieces for $125, but we couldn't help but notice a classic full-length black winter coat in size 6.

For those of you who don't like to change in front of a room full of ladies, don't be discouraged—if you're willing to wait, there was one private fitting room. For those of you who don't mind stripping down to try on their signature sporty bras, there was a separate room in the back with three full length mirrors.

The staff was friendly and helpful, and we overheard them answering questions about how to wear some of the more complicated silhouettes and offering other colorways in some of the styles. While we were there they continued to bring new merchandise out, and kept the sale nicely organized.—Christina DeSmet
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