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Intermix Bowery Plays The Clash, Doesn't Sell Ruffled Things

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Intermix's Bowery store opened over the weekend, marking a significant shift for the once-gritty street as major retail chains start to open. How does a multi-brand retailer with outposts across the U.S. "do" Bowery? We stopped by the newest Intermix—Manhattan's seventh, for the record—to check it out. From the decor to the playlist (and plenty of pics), after the jump.

The exterior of the store doesn't scream, "buy at $400 dress here"—in a good way. Painted black with a simple white sign, the storefront doesn't visually shift the streetscape.

A store associate told us that everything inside had to be re-done, even the ceilings, because of the condition of the building. What they came up with includes a lot of wood (and wood veneer): the floors, the display cases, even the walls are covered in the stuff. An exposed brick wall, iron-beam racks and fixtures, and warm grey suede-like ottomons complete the rough-around-the-luxe edges feel. A shiny store this is not. Important note: there are ton of dressing rooms, and they're very spacious (with lots of sitting room for bored boyfriends or shopping partners who are "on a budget").

When we asked about the product mix as it compares to other Intermixes, the associate informed us that the buy for this Intermix was more downtown, with a throw it on and forget about it ethos. Easy pieces—"for running to Soul Cycle," was the example—dominate the selection, which includes contemporary brands like Rag & Bone—so much Rag & Bone—and Parker. Mannequins in boyfriend jeans, oversized tees, and jean vests drive the point home. Don't expect to find tank tops with ruffles on them at this branch, the associate warned.

Team Intermix didn't just deck out the store and alter the merchandise mix to get the Bowery thing down, they even altered the playlist. The XX, The Clash, and Morrissey are some of what you'll hear while shopping at the new location. They even have remixes of songs played at other Intermixes that are more Bowery-appropriate. And now, the pictures:

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