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Shoes Are Just Fifty Bucks at the Tibi Sample Sale

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This morning, we stopped by the friends and family portion of the Tibi sample sale. Overall, we vote that it's definitely worth a trip on this beautiful day: prices are seriously marked down at up to 70% off, with further reductions expected over the next few days. And as an added bonus, there are actual samples to shop.

There's a lot of stock available, arranged by style on racks around the room. We did notice, though, that several items were either the only one of their kind, or one of very few available. For example, there's only one of the whimsical lobster skirt. If you don't grab that one, though, there are still plenty of skirts at $65, ranging from color-blocked pink and black minis to pleated black leather.

Tops and pants are each $75. Dresses range from $150 for day dresses, $175 for cocktail dresses, and $200 for long dresses. In other words, summer wedding attire is readily available.

Knits ($90) can be found in boxes in the middle of the room. Floral jackets, $150, are a fun summer option for work or play. Shoes are currently $50 a pop, and are a very tempting option to round out a full outfit at the sale.

If the stock discounts don't satisfy you, there are even bigger markdowns on sample items in boxes lining the middle of the room. Sample tops, knits and pants are $50. With sample skirts at $40, it would be hard to walk away without one. Sample dresses range from $100 to $150, and sample jackets are $75. If you're willing to dig, there are a lot of great ones in good condition.

When we left the sale at just after 10am, the line for the rest of the friends & family portion was halfway down the block. If you choose to wait until Thursday, you'll get an additional 20% off coupon with your purchase.—Jessica Wisniewski
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