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The News Showroom Sample Sale's $10 Deals Are Back!

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Yesterday evening, we were lucky enough to peek at the News Showroom sample sale before it began today, and found that as usual, there's something for everyone—like the men's and women's Cheap Monday jeans that start at $10. The layout is men's on the left, women's on the right, and there's a unisex fitting room on the right side with one big mirror. Everything in this sale is tagged and individually priced.

When you walk in you'll find $30 Cheap Monday jeans hung by size. Women's sizes go from 24 through 29. Men's sizes range from 30 to 36. There are numerous styles and colors to choose from, and standout washes include the leopard print and tie-dye options. You'll even find some jean shorts.

After the $30 denim, the space opens up to the Cheap Monday clothing. We saw all sizes being represented in these different areas. Both sexes have similar pricing, so depending on your style you might want to check both sides. There are tanks for $10, tees (long & short) for $10 to $20, and button-ups going for $20 to $30.

If you want to grab some colder weather gear, get some sweatshirts for $20 to $40, sweaters for $30 to $40, and jackets that are priced from $30 to $50. In the middle of this section you'll come across the first $10 denim table, but this one's for the guys. The ladies luck out though and get two $10 denim tables further back in the sale.

Ladies—if you keep going you'll come across the LARGE selection of Clu clothing. The items are arranged by color (nice touch) and come in a range of sizes. We saw shorts for $20 to $40, tees between $20 and $50, a splendid array of dresses around $30 to $80, and some sweaters in the $40 to $90 range. There are a lot of nice embellished pieces in here, so look for the sparkles first.

After the Clu items, there's a "special rack" tucked in the back that has a few pieces from Chalayan, Les Aperizes and Sacai Luck. There was a gorgeous navy silk baseball jacket in here, but these price points start at $100 and go upward from there. If you don't mind spending the dough, you should start here since there aren't that many styles available.

Rounding out the women's clothes are the items from New's own in-house denim label 6397. You might not have heard about this brand yet, but we're told it'll be at Barneys in the fall. Prices on this rack were around $100 to $150.

In the ladies shoe department, there are Common Projects at $175. Sizes available are 37 to 41. Anniel shoes are between $45 and $80 and they can be cheaper if you buy more than one pair. The sizes here are mostly 36 through 39. Cheap Monday is also offering a small assortment of footwear, all at $50 with sizes going from 36 to 41. Also, around the showroom you'll see a few racks of $10 Cheap Monday undies, $40 Destin scarves, and a bin of $20 Anniel sparkly shoes.

Now onto the guys, where we say: Dudes! Hit the shoes first! This is one of the largest assortments of Common Projects we've ever seen at these sales. There are a ton of great styes and colors available. The majority of the sizes are 41 through 44, but we did see a few 45s and 46s. Head's up: the CP shoes are gonna cost you $175 to $199. Also available in shoe land are some $150 Folk boots and some $125 White Mountaineering x Saucony collab kicks.

After the Cheap Monday items we mentioned, gents get a Clu and Folk rack with super soft tees priced between $30 to $50, colorful outerwear priced at $70 to $100, and some dressed-up blazers for $70 to $150. Sizes cary by the items, but we saw small, mediums, and larges throughout.

If you're after more stylized options, look at the White Mountaineering goods. Since WM jackets are usually around $1,000, these priced at $145 to $430 are a steal. You can also snag some deals with the sweaters ($65 to $199) and button-ups ($99 to $199).

Next up are the offerings from Highland. This laid-back label has shorts at $20 to $60, tees for $25 to $45, and jackets between $40 and $140. There's an awesome fall jacket in here with a faux fur lining that had us doing a double take. At the end of the Highland row, there are also some Tim Coppens goods that will probably go rather quick. If you're a fan of the label, find them fast.

When you arrive at the address, you'll have to buzz #501 to get in to the building. Once inside, be prepared to wait to get upstairs. This corporate building is undergoing some "elevator renovations," so only one of the two lifts is working. The elevator is also rather small, so your best bet is to skip it altogether and take the stairs. It's a little bit of a hike, but it'll help you slip into those $10 jeans all the easier.

The sale runs from 10am to 6pm daily, and wraps up on Saturday. See the dealfeed below for more info.—Mickey Sery
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