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Start Your Own Bling Ring at the Lulu Frost Sample Sale

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Are you throwing a great big Gatsby-themed party and need some baubles to wear? Look no further than the Lulu Frost sample sale at 12 E. 20th Street going on right now. Shiny pieces from previous collections and prototypes are scattered across several display tables, mirror trays, and even on the walls for shoppers to look and pick from. It was a pleasant shopping experience, as every piece is laid out in its full splendor.

One-of-a-kind pieces made from vintage materials from the '60s and '70s can also be found. Most of Lulu Frosts' pieces are made with Swarovski crystals and brass or bronze, which dominate most of the sale. The steals are the $10 to $20 bangles, or the $35 leather brass bracelets.

You will also find some blinged-out pendants going for $225 (originally $600). Art Deco shape crystal earrings are $115 to $130. Soiree pendant earrings are $75, and a gold and silver plated glass crystal bracelet is $115. And yes—you might find a couple of J.Crew x Lulu earrings, if you're lucky. We also saw the Orchid earrings for $45, and the Absinthe earrings for $130. Another highlight: the Vendome bracelet in silver or gold (now on Shopbop for $120) is $45.

We were told that only about thirty styles will be replenished, including the Demeter collar, the Psyche Pearl necklace, and the Calypso earrings. They're also available now on their online sample sale section for a limited time. The helpful and friendly staff will answer any of your questions, and when you check out, don't forget to pick up a 20% discount card for your next Lulu Frost purchase online. The sale ends tomorrow, so get there quick if you have something special in mind.—Hsini
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