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French Labels, High Prices at the Want Agency Sample Sale

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It's time for a little Francophile fashion tip: Clear some time in your schedule today, so you can make your way over to the Want Agency sample sale. When you arrive, you'll find the Want Les Essentials De La Vie accessories on your right and with the Maison Kitsuné loot on your left. Women's clothing is the first half of the shop with men's in the back. Nudie Jeans for both sexes, and in the back you'll also find men and women's Swims shoes.

As we mentioned yesterday, the discount isn't tremendous, so most of the merchandise is still pretty pricey. That being said, we did find a beaucoup of gems worth the splurge.

Our advice: Go to the Want accessories tables first. Everything is so impeccably displayed that we almost forgot we were at a sample sale. The bags are priced as marked. If you can't find the price, unzip them and you'll probably find the tag inside. Some standouts here include the new Katstrup backpack ($345), the leather Malpensa weekender ($790), the leather Orly shopper tote ($425), and rollway canvas totes ($145) in numerous colors.

The women's Maison Kitsuné area holds treasures galore. Most of the sizes in here are a 36 or small, with a few mediums mixed in. It's mostly spring or lightweight items with a few heavier fall pieces mixed in. Some of the best finds we spotted included a black silk polka dot blouse ($120), a colorful Liberty print silk top ($145), an a adorable romper ($200), and a stylized baseball jacket with basket weave sleeves ($545).

The women's Nudie jeans available are the High Kai and the Tight Long Jong. They're divided by style and separated by a hanger sign. There are a lot of colors available, and the majority of the sizes are 25 through 28. Nudies are unisex, so if you don't fall in that category, you can always try the back section which has more fits and sizes. All of them are priced at $75.

Moving onto the men's Maison Kitsuné, you'll spot sizes in 40 or medium and some smalls throughout. They are swimsuits for $100, polos for $100, cardigans for $235, trench coats for $355, and even some suits for $900. We recommend stocking up on the graphic tees ($50) and sweatshirts ($100).

The corner of the men's Nudie section contains tees (as marked) and sweatshirts ($75) in sizes small through large. There's a stash of classic denim jackets ($100) behind the sweatshirts in a range of sizes. The jeans looked to be mostly 32s, 33s or 34s, and the styles available are the Average Joe, Thin Finn, Hank Rey and Sharp Bengt. Multiple washes are offered, and again, all are priced at $75.

The Swims shoe table has men's and women's selections in various styles. The majority of the women's shoes are either a 38 or 39, and men's sizes ran from an 8 through 10. Prices are marked, but most are going for $60 to $80.

And good news: they even have a makeshift fitting room, in the appropriately labeled "water closet." The sale is cash only, so bring your bankroll. (The closet ATMs are at the Citibank on Broadway between Broome and Grand, or a Chase inside the Duane Reade at Broadway and Grand.) See the dealfeed below for all other info.—Mickey Sery
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