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From Sweaters to Shorts, It's an Oasis of Men's at the Gant Sale

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When we walked into the Gant sample sale preview yesterday, we were a little overwhelmed at the selection, so decided to have a little fun and see how many Gant by Michael Bastian items we could find. We were pleasantly surprised when we lost track after thirty. Besides the Bastian collection, there's also a ton of stylish options from Gant Rugger and the classic Gant label.

Here's a the quick sum-up: It's almost all men's. A small section in the very back is for the ladies, and there are a few children's options too. There's outerwear, blazers, sweaters, button ups, polos, tees, jeans, pants, shorts, swimsuits, and even a row of accessories. The have sizes from extra small to extra large and waist sizes from 28 to 40. Fit seemed to be running true to size. There's a large fitting room in the back, where you'll be limited to trying on ten pieces at a time.

When you walk in, the first rack on your left is leather and suede jackets (priced at $300), but there aren't a lot to choose from. If the Rugger baseball jacket with suede arms is still there, grab it and move on down the line to the blazers ($195). Immediately, we found some MB goods, including a burgundy tweed jacket and a khaki colored patched corduroy jacket. On your right will be the accessories, and while the prices are good ($7 to $125), nothing was really jumping out at u—but we did spot a fun checkered MB belt.

Swing a left and your'e in the outerwear aisle ($100 to $150). MB was very present here with large quantities from spring/summer 2013. Hint: look for the "Galapagos" label with the bird on it. We spied a few spring jackets that we wanted, as well as an awesome colorful rubberized rain coat. Keep wandering down outerwear and you'll hit the quilted vests ($75).

Turn a right and you're at the row of sweaters ($50). MB is all over this and they were really amazing options. Remember to look for that bird label! They had sweater vests, lightweights for spring, and some thick chunky ones for fall. Further down this row is the kids' area and a small offering of shoes.

Next is the alley of button ups ($45). This is the start of the HUGE double tiered sections. Luckily it's all sized (for now) and MB is throughout. Options appeared to be from many seasons with more of MB's spring/summer 2012 appearing, so take your time. We also spotted the Gant Yale Co-op label shirts in this area.

Turning the next corner you will see the small selection of shorts ($30) and swimsuits ($25). Mixed in with your standard khaki shorts was the MB Red Camo swimmers from spring/summer 2012. Some of the "shorts" have lining so you might be able to save $5 by pointing that out.

Last but not least, there's a huge hall of jeans, pants, tees, and polos. On the shirts side it goes tees ($20), short sleeve polos ($30) and long sleeve polos/rugbys ($45). We spotted more of the colorful MB spring/summer 2012 surf-inspired goods in this area. On the pants side, it starts with jeans ($50), then goes into other trouser and chino options ($50). We came across some MB grey faded jeans, dress pants, and blue camo slim-fit cargos.

You might be scared of all the stock when you walk in but if you stick to your size and just what you need you can probably make it in and out within 30 minutes. If you're a guy who likes the updated classic American look or the Michael Bastian collab, you should hit this sale. See the dealfeed below for additional info.—Mickey Sery
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