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Spring Skin Scandals: Beyonce's Bikini and Stuy Town Sideboob

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Censored <a href="">Beyonce</a> via Bowery Boogie; Offensive sunbathers via <a href="">greenelet</a>/Fl
Censored Beyonce via Bowery Boogie; Offensive sunbathers via greenelet/Fl

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Know who isn't ready for this jelly? The M14A bus stop at Grand and Columbia Streets on the Lower East Side. An H&M ad displaying Beyonce's bikini'd bod is being repeatedly censored—and re-exposed—by locals. A Bowery Boogie tipster wrote, "Every day someone tapes a cover over it... every day people rip it down. You can see what is left of yesterday as the white covering at the bottom of the ad."

Being an area that is still heavily populated by a strictly religious Jewish population, the censoring seems to point in the direction of on-going modesty wars. Meanwhile, just a quick ride up the FDR, another dare-to-bare battle is brewing. In the headbutt of Stuy Town young and old, the Olds are upset that the Youngs are sunbathing on the complex's playgrounds.

A complaint in The Stuyvesant Town Report references: "a lot of side boob on the playground this weekend." Tenant association head Susan Steinberg would like to ban all two-pieces, because sunbathing is "tasteless... not very classy, and doesn't belong in a mixed residential development." For airhead reactions from college-aged women on their right to tan based on exorbitant rent, head to Gothamist.
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