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Five Reasons to Shop the Last Day of the Comme des Garçons Sale

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From start to finish, the Comme des Garcons Archival Sale has been a surprise—in a good way. True to form, the final day of the sale left us truly floored: there's no line, there's a ton of merchandise, and it's actually worth shopping down to the last drop.

The sale ends at 7pm tonight, which gives you a good four hours to get over there to check it out. In our gallery above, a peak at what's left, including some prices (though pricing hasn't budged since day one). If you still need convincing, we have five reasons it's worth checking out the Comme des Garcons Archival Sale's last day after the jump.

1.) There's no line. On opening day, the first dude in line got there around 3:30am. You can just waltz in today.

2.) It's open til 7pm. Do you (unfortunately) work in Herald Square? Stop by after work, and ease the blow of Penn Station at rush hour.

3.) It is the most atmospheric sale of all time. There's a DJ. All of the sales people are on-brand. All of the shoppers are on-brand. The industrial columns holding the giant loft together are decorated. There are even signs asking that you respect the clothing by not throwing it on the ground... AND EVERYONE OBEYS!

4.) Seriously, there's so much stuff left. Have we stressed that enough yet? From t-shirts to wedding-appropriate dresses, there is so much to plunder.

5.) The return of this sale is not a sure thing. Two years elapsed between the last archive sale and this one. There's no promise that this sale is coming back next year, or even the year after. Don't bank on a ton of opportunities to snag Comme des Garcons at 70% off after today.
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