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The $16 Sunglasses to Instantly Update Your Spring Look

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Today's pick comes from Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant.

Arched Metal Mix Sunglasses, $16 at Urban Outfitters

I refuse to spend over $20 on sunglasses for a couple reasons. There are the usual easy-to-break and easy-to-lose arguments, but also, I tend to put my wardrobe budget into shoes and basics that will last me at least a couple seasons and then rely on accessories to update my mainstays.

These Urban Outfitters sunnies are perfect because they're low-commitment ($16!) and trendy in a way that fits with the summer clothes I already own. The clear bridge and light colored frames are nice touches, and at a fraction of the cost of these similar Karen Walker sunnies, it's cool with me if I retire them by next spring.
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Urban Outfitters

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