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Great Samples Start at $30 at the Yigal Azrouël, Cut25 Sale

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The Yigal Azrouël, Cut25 by Yigal Azrouël sample sale officially begins tomorrow at the brand's Grand Street boutique, but we swung by earlier today to have a look at the merchandise. We found tons of Yigal and Cut25 stock from the resort 2013 collections, as well as a small selection of pieces from the spring 2013 Yigal Azrouël collection. There is also an entire section dedicated to both Yigal and Cut25 samples.

Let's begin by going over the back stock. First, you'll find two sections filled with Cut25 pieces from the 2013 resort collection, as well as some pieces from this past fall, and all of the merchandise comes in a variety of sizes. We saw a couple cute fur coats for $350, so if you're already somehow sick of shopping for spring, you might consider picking up one of these.

If a great deal is what you're after, head to the back to check out the samples. Cut25 samples cost $30 a piece, and $100 for outerwear or leather. Yigal samples are $60 or $125 for outerwear and leather. Take your time here, because the Yigal team dug into the archives for this sale, so there are more than a few one-of-a-kind pieces—some that never even made it into production. Once the samples on the floor begin to thin out, the team will begin to restock, as there are tons more stored away just waiting to be brought out.

Need warmer-weather dresses, blouses, and shorts? Figure you'll be spending between $75 and $125 per piece, with blazers and leather jackets priced at $175 and $300 respectively. There is also an entire table filled with lightweight Cut25 sweaters in a few different styles and every size for $125.

The Yigal Azrouël merchandise takes up the second two sections of the floor. We saw a lot of leather pieces, from embossed white jackets and trousers to black quilted coats adorned with floral prints. The trousers and pants are priced at $225, with any other leather piece going for $500. It's pricey, but the quality is scrumptious. Amongst this sea of leather, you'll find the small selection of pieces from this spring.

As for the gentlemen, there is a small selection from resort 2013, as well as a rack of samples. Prices range from $30 for the samples to $250 for anything in leather.

In addition to sample restocking, Cut25 and Yigal Azrouël resort pieces will also be restocked once the merchandise begins to clear out. Note that there are no dressing rooms, so wear your leggings and tight tanks and be prepared to try on in public. See the gallery above for detailed price lists and shots of the clothing, and the Dealfeed below for all the info on location and time.—Claudia Saide
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