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Spring Is in the Air and on the Racks at the Thakoon Sample Sale

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This morning, we checked out the Thakoon sample sale that opened at 8:30am at 225 Varick Street. Getting in was a breeze, the environment was calm, quiet, and great to browse in. We found that there are both samples and overstock to choose from, so you can pick up both one-of-a-kind items and some inexpensive pieces to refresh your spring wardrobe.

True to Thakoon, there is a lot of color and print floating around the racks, in the form of shirts, dresses, coats, shorts, pants, and skirts. On the walls, you'll see a legend for the different color stickers on the tags, with prices at $50, $100, $150, and $200. There are a few garments that are a bit more than that (including a wooly striped shift dress for $300), but they're all marked by hand.

When you first walk in, there's a room of racks that look rather sparse—these are the samples. They seem to be going quickly, and with good reason. There was a dress for $150, a coat for $200, silk pants for just $50 and dress slacks for $100. There are a few samples that are current-season styles (with different fabrics), and some that were made with current season fabric but didn't make it into production.

On the other side of the partition is the overstock, and prices are just as reasonable. You'll find both the main line and Thakoon Addition merchandise here. We saw cotton shirts for $50 and silk shirts for $100, and in the back corner, there's a rack of simple jersey maxi dresses, perfect for transitioning into summer. There are sleeveless maxis for $50 and long-sleeve maxis for $100.

Throughout the rest of the sale, you'll find plenty of lightweight silky garments, loads of sleeveless tops, lovely shorts and mini skirts, and you might be lucky enough to snag a jacket. There was one wonderful hooded canvas jacket in olive green with a bright floral print, totally perfect for fall, for $200.

There wasn't much in the way of accessories, save a small bin of scarves for $50 and no bags. There is a small selection of shoes, and if you're of the larger foot persuasion, you're in luck. Every single shoe we turned over was a size 40 or 40.5, so size 10s rejoice! All shoes are $100, and they're mostly open-toed.

An employee told us that they would be restocking the overstock on Thursday with more of the same, so if you don't find your size today or tomorrow, check back then. See additional info in the dealfeed below.—Dana Melanz
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