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The Upper East Side Is Too Boring for a Bond No. 9 Fragrance

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Last Thursday, Bond No 9 founder Laurice Rahme held a tea party at her company's flagship store to introduce her latest creation, Central Park South. Bond has made their brand on perfumes inspired by different parts of New York City, including streets (Park Avenue), neighborhoods (Nuits de Noho), and public parks and attractions (The High Line).

However, there are just some things that Rahme won't touch: like the Upper East Side. "It's so boring!" says Rahme, whose accent betrays her French roots. "I am not making a fragrance for the Upper East Side."

Though Rahme keeps her upcoming scents a secret, she did give away a couple of hints. She admitted that the Brooklyn fragrance came about because of fan requests, but now there are plans to make scents for different neighborhoods in the borough. (The exception: Coney Island, which already has a perfume.)

The Lower East Side is also due for a perfume of its own, and Rahme admits to really liking the street name "Essex." Guess we know who wins the uptown/downtown battle, at least as far as perfume goes.
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Bond No. 9

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