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Prices Start at $14 for Thongs at the Cosabella Sample Sale

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The Cosabella sample sale started yesterday, and in case you're wondering whether it's worth the trip today, we've acquired the price list and hear that there's still a ton of stock after day one. The best deals are the thongs and G-strings (priced at $14) and the bikinis panties (which are $15). Hot pants are $19, boxers are $25, and pants are $40.

Soft bras are $30, camisoles are $40, and wire bras are $45. Skirts are $40, tops are $50, babydolls, chemises, and short dresses are $60. Robes are $65 and pajama sets are $75. There are also some pretty good deals with swimwear: bottoms and bra tops are $35, and one-pieces are $60. Find anything good? Let us know in the comments.
· Dealfeed: Cosabella [Racked NY]


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Cosabella Sample Sale

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