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Jake Gyllenhaal Wears a Man Bun While He Spins at SoulCycle

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Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about Jake Gyllenhaal's addiction to SoulCycle, thanks to the NYDN. According to the paper, "his cycling schedule—and favorite instructor—are no longer a secret, and devotees of the spin studio's odd mix of aggro instructors and daintily lit candles are doing everything they can to snag a spot next to Gyllenhaal and his facial scruff. FYI, it's the 10:30am class on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Union Square.

We now know that he likes to sit in the front row, he's guest-spun on the instructor's bike a few times, and he occasionally rides with his girlfriend, Sports Illustrated model Emily DiDonato. Most importantly, he wears his hair in a topknot.
· Gyllenhaal's presence at SoulCycle prompts sold-out classes [NYDN]


12 E 18th St New York, NY