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The Line for the Proenza Schouler Sample Sale Started at 6:30am

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The Proenza Schouler sample sale opens at 10am this morning, at 76 Mercer Street in Soho. Racked NY Associate Editor Nicola Fumo is on the scene, reporting from outside. Read her full account below.

8:14am: Rolled up earlier than planned (thank you, bicycle) and counted 18 people at 8:09am. I'm off to grab a coffee to last these two hours til the sale opens.

8:30am: There are about 24 people in line, I'm now number 20. The first people line got here at 630am.

8:37am: The girl in front of my seems impatient. We have a long way to go, sweetie. Line members 18 and 19 are bonding on how they thought they'd be the first ones in line.

8:45am: A cute guy in at trunk pulls up and asks what we're waiting for. "A sample sale." "Oh, so they're waiting for YOU." Keen business observation, sir.

8:50am: At least the weather's great! People are eating pastries and drinking lattes. Very Soho. Someone in line also told me that they're filming some James Franco-Mila Kunis movie down the street.

9:00am: One hour to go! About 50 people in line now.

9:07am: The line is suddenly moving...and everyone up front is peaking through a doorway.

9:10am: OK, basically everyone just advanced from 76 Mercer Street to 74 Mercer Street. If the sale just relocated, this would be the second time that's happened.

9:12am: The line just switched sides! Basically we were lined up south to north, and now we are lined up north to south. Same side of the street. Everyone was polite about the switch and no one cut.

9:14am: It looks like the sale might be at 74 Mercer Street now. It's hard to see from here.

9:20am: More people are joining now that we're in the 9:00 hour. Still not massively long, though. Unsurprisingly, it's a very well dressed line. The girls in front of me are plotting to go to the clothing racks while everyone else rushes to the bags.

9:30am: The line is now almost to the corner with thirty minutes to go. I'd say there are 70 people in line, at most.

9:35am: A PS1-bagged employee comes out to look at the line before ducking into 76 Mercer.

9:40am: The girls ahead of me agreed that the line isn't as long as expected. Good for us!

9:45am: Someone here is waiting in line FOR THEIR BOSS.

9:51am: The girl's boss just came and got in line with nine minutes left. And two girls just left 76 Mercer Street with one big white bag stuffed full. Great. That's some sample sale bullshit.

10:00am: The line's moving! Ten people were let in, then pause.

10:10am: Everyone around me is freezing and pissed.

10:15am: Finally—we're moving!!

And here's the full report from inside.

Proenza Schouler

822 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065 212-585-3200 Visit Website

Proenza Schouler Sample Sale

76 Mercer Street New York NY