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Inside the Proenza Schouler Sample Sale: No Good Bags

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After waiting almost two hours this morning, we finally made it into the Proenza Schouler sample sale. Since the good merchandise tends to clear out quickly, our plan was to liveblog from inside the sale—a plan that was thwarted once our Associate Editor found out they were checking bags, coats, and cellphones.

Since that meant we also weren't allowed to take any notes, we figured the easiest way to let you know whether or not the sale is worth it is to recap it immediately, lest we forget the most important detail, which is that the bag situation is pretty dismal.

The only bags that we spotted were those neoprene beach bags in black and blue for $125. Other than that, nothing. No PS1s. No PS11s. No PS nothing.

However, if you're looking for ready-to-wear, there's plenty of that. On the left side of the room is the older stock. Tee shirts are $15, jackets are $120 and some really beautiful coats are $250. There are also bins of denim that, as of this morning, no one was touching, in sizes 25 through 30. Expect your standard blue jeans, as well as some white pairs.

The runway coats are all priced $1,000 and $2,000, and consists of crazy leathers, woven leathers, and pieces with fut accents. Additional merchandise includes printed tie-dye tanks for $65, and fancier tee shirts and blouses for $150.

Most of the dresses are in the $400 range, and there are a ton of $250 low swung, oriental-ish printed skirts. Looking for a different print? We spotted a Navajo pattern in both pants, dresses, and skirts. If you're worried the ready-to-wear is going to sell out fast, rest assured that there is a generous heaping of clothing to shop, and it's all available in multiple sizes.

Shoes are all around $300,but there aren't that many available. What is in stock come in all different styles, with about four sizes per style. They include open-toe boots ad sandals, but no one was really going crazy for any of them because, truth be told, they're not that exciting. Lastly, belts are priced around $50.

They're letting in about fifteen people at a time, and as of this morning it wasn't all that crowded. There's a TON of security guards and staff, and everyone is being really helpful as you're trying on things on. To our surprise, everything was also merchandised really well. There might not be any decent bags, but it was a pretty good looking sale.
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