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The Kimberly Ovitz Sample Sale Really Is Dirt Cheap

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Earlier this week, we got word that Kimberly Ovitz was having a ridiculously-cheap sample sale at 401 Broadway, so we stopped by this morning to check it out. Fortunately for us, the designer is purging everything from last seasons leftovers, never-produced samples, and imperfects—all for under $25 a pop.

Everything from the main collection is $25, the O by Kimberly Ovitz line is $15, and those samples and imperfects are $10. If you're interested in indulging your love of slightly off-season punk garb, now's the time to strike. There isn't a huge amount of stock to start with, and the sale is being staged in a fairly tiny office space that's predictably packed with hungry shoppers.

When we stopped by, everything was already picked over—especially the samples/imperfects—and we saw people leaving with probably ten to fifteen items apiece. A lot of the best pieces are one-of-a-kind, like the full-length suede car coat spotted in the $25 section. Other things were replicated many times, like some funky ruched chiffon skirts and a gold sequin party dress.

There were also some good finds in the samples bin, though the caveat here is that you have to be tenacious; this isn't so much a bargain hunt as an archaeological dig. After some excavating here, we did uncover an extremely cute stripey sundress for $10. As the girl at the register joked, you can't get a dress that cheap at Forever 21. For address and hours, check out the dealfeed below.—Rebecca Endicott
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