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The More Jeans You Buy, the More You Save at the DL1961 Sale

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We went to the DL1961 sample sale at around 11 am this morning, and waited in absolutely no line at 530 Seventh Avenue. When we entered, in we were met by piles and piles of jeans in a ton of colors, styles, and materials, spread out across six tables.

This morning, there were only about ten people at the sale—so it was very easy to search for particular styles, and sales associates offered to help search the stacks for different washes. Bonus: everything's organized by size, and to top if off, the more you buy the more you save. One pair is $60, two pairs are $110, three are $150, four are $180, and five are $200. Each pair after that is $40.

There's also a separate table for shorts, which are available in all sizes. The same pricing scheme applies here too: one pair is $40, two are $60, and three are $75. A table of mens denim is also available, as well as current season jackets going for $80, as well as a very small selection of maternity wear.Kelly Marshall
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