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Hang Out in Your Underwear Like Picasso, Thanks to Sleepy Jones

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Do you personally hate putting on real clothes in the morning? Would you prefer to stay in pajama-like materials for as long as humanly possible on the weekends? Presenting Sleepy Jones, Andy Spade's latest collection of "not-quite-ready-to-wear" with his design studio Partners & Spade. Overall, the entire range consists of cotton loungewear, robes, boxer shorts, and briefs, as well as a handful of striped knee socks and more.

The range was inspired by artists who were never really forced to work in professional clothes. A snippet from the lookbook explains: "See what happens while wearing a little less. Spoon. Cocoon. Tinker. Plot. Ponder in your underwear. Picasso did. And it worked out pretty well for him." The brand's mission statement basically comes down to: you don't have to do shit on Sunday if you don't feel like it.
· Sleepy Jones [Official Site]