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What's More Stylish: Tribeca or the Upper East Side?

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Welcome back to Neighborhood Style Showdown, our quest to determine New York City's most stylish neighborhood.

Steven Alan in Tribeca, Barneys on Madison Avenue. Photos by Brian Harkin

To recap, so far we've pitted Williamsburg against The Lower East Side, followed by Nolita vs. The West Village. Now, two of Manhattan's wealthiest neighborhoods square off: Tribeca and the Upper East Side.

Both are densely populated with fashionable moms, but Tribeca's type is more Beyoncé than Tinsley Mortimer circa 2008. While the Upper East Side boasts flagships for nearly all of the world's most expensive luxury brands, Tribeca's retail selection includes smaller, hipper stores like Steven Alan and Matt Bernson.

And though the Upper East Side has long been a bastion of wealth, Tribeca's been giving it a run for its money over the past few years. The starkest contrast? The age gap. Sure, you'll find plenty of Gossip Girl types above 60th Street, but you'll also find plenty of fancy grandmothers wearing antique furs. Not so much in Tribeca.

Update: The poll is closed—Tribeca wins! Tomorrow, it'll face off with either Soho or Meatpacking.

Poll results

Matt Bernson

20 Harrison Street, New York, NY 10013