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Modest Lines, No Further Discounts at the Jil Sander Sale

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Today is the last day of Jil Sanders' bi-annual sample sale. If you were still considering checking it out, here's our advice: don't. Selection is sparse, and there were no further discounts this morning, and staffers told us that no more discounts would be taken later on. Your mid-afternoon break might be better spent doing something else.

If you're considering swing by, here's what you should know. Ladies, if you work in one of those offices that blast the AC all summer long, you can pick up some light cashmere cardigans for around $175, but you'll have to dig a little on the table though—there were a lot of women piling their items there while they tried them on. What's left of the clothing is very picked through, and some items were stained. Be sure to inspect your goods carefully before checking out.

What's left of the men's section is a pittance. Unless you're in the market for leather pants and are a size 44, there is one pair left for $408 (from $2,720). We also spotted a leather toggle coat for $646.50 (from $4,310) and a regular leather coat for $865.50 (from $5,770).

If you still think the sale is worth a shot, it ends at 6pm today. Keep in mind that staffers may let the last group in well before that time. (Sample Sally writes that doors definitely closed early yesterday.) One final warning: some of the staffers working the sale seemed to be on their last nerve. See the dealfeed below for additional info.—Joy Fan
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