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Five New Fitness Studios to Watch, Courtesy of Well+Good NYC

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Over the past year, it's begun to feel like a new fitness craze arrives almost weekly in New York City, from yoga-cycling hybrids to underwater spin studios to serious Megaformers. We asked the editors (and bonafide fitness experts) of Well+Good NYC to help us sift through it all, and to share their top five new fitness studios to watch.

They explain: "We're excited about these businesses because they're doing something innovative on the New York fitness scene. While we tend to primarily cover Manhattan, you might notice many are in Brooklyn, particularly Williamsburg. That's because the borough is seriously experiencing a fitness boom right now. Our Metrocards are getting a workout, too." Read on for the picks, as well as their own thoughts on why each place made the cut.

The Fhitting Room, Upper East Side: High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is hot right now, especially for New Yorkers who love hard-core training that delivers results in as little time as possible. This Upper East Side spot is the first dedicated HIIT studio in New York. Plus, it has tricked-out features like a floating floor that reduces the impact on your joints as you jump squat.

Syncstudio, Williamsburg: This new studio is the first boutique fitness spot (i.e. not a gym) to host cycling and yoga classes under one roof. We're excited to try their unique approach to cycling, which has you standing (and dancing) the entire time. You can also buy Juice Press juices on site.

Brooklyn Crew, Williamsburg: Rowing workouts are just starting to break onto the scene in a big way, whereas before they were reserved for hard core Ivy League athletes. This studio opened in early April and at least two other group fitness studios that deliver the intense cardio associated with the rowing machine will open this year.

Uplift Studios, Flatiron: This women-only studio isn't actually new; it just celebrated its one-year anniversary. But it gave its classes a huge makeover worth talking about. Instead of a huge menu, it now features Uplifting Cardio and Uplifting Strength, two incredibly difficult and fun approaches to getting an effective full-body workout in under an hour. Plus, they give you almonds after class and have a bar where they serve wine.

SLT and Brooklyn Bodyburn, Midtown and Soho; Williamsburg: The Megaformer, a souped up version of the Pilates reformer, delivers a workout that hits deep muscles you didn't know you had. It's been big on the West Coast for a while, but these two companies are finally making it popular in New York. SLT was the first Megaformer studio. It has a location in Midtown, a recently opened one in Soho, and is slated to open in Watermill and Short Hills, NJ, in late spring. Brooklyn Bodyburn just opened its Williamsburg Megaformer studio in February.