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The Line for the Jil Sander Sale Started Small, Grew Quickly

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The Jil Sander sample sale opens today at 10am, and considering it will include Raf Simon's final collection for the label, we're expecting a pretty big turnout. Reporter Becca Endicott is on the scene at 8 Crosby Street. Read her full account from the line below

9:15am: I just arrived and there are between thirty and fifty people here.

9:23am: There are about five people in line behind me now.

9:27am: The line is calm and people seem patient. There are a lot of guys waiting. About ten people are behind me now.

9:33am: The line has now turned the corner from Crosby to Howard.

9:39am: Line cutter! He get a few cranky looks joining his friend for a place in line he didn't earn.

9:43am: A chic dude walking by explains to the middle aged, overly rouged lady with him what a sample sale is; the sassy men next to me take note of the exchange.

9:45am: People are getting cold and impatient. The aforementioned sassy men make a comment about my wearing shorts and we share an awkward moment when I catch them.

9:51am: I overhear people talking about Boston, and about increased police presence around town.

9:53am: Spotted two police officers patrolling Howard. The lady next to me asks if I'm freezing; the shorts are getting a lot of play.

9:55am: The line in front of me has thickened as more people cut join friends. With five minutes 'til the doors are supposed to open, it seems there are about 70 people in line now. People are sending their friends out of line to scope the scene.

9:58am: And we're moving! Looks like they are letting in groups of 20. I'm still outside.

10:05am: Lady behind me is complaining she didn't go yesterday [to the VIP preview] off the list as she talks to a friend who did. Upset that she didn't get in with the first round [today]; says line wraps around Howard all the way down to the Jil Sander store [at 30 Howard Street].

10:17am: The sassy men—who are now my line pals—are saying the things to go for are jackets, belts, and shoes (for men). And anything leather! I hear from other people that the line is now all the way down Crosby, around Howard, and wrapped around Broadway.

10:40am: I'm about 15 feet from the entrance and still waiting to be let in. Everyone in line is getting restless but sticking it out.

10:44am: A handful of people [let in at 9:58am] just left with tons of shopping bags.

11:04am: Though people have left, we're still hovering outside like something is about to happen but hasn't. They're doing it by time limit, one hour only, and we are given wristbands.

11:10am: An hour and ten minutes after the doors open, I'm finally let in!

Stay tuned for a full report from inside the sale—including womenswear, menswear, and accessories—later today.
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Jil Sander Sample Sale

8 Crosby Street New York NY