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$15 Tanks in Every Size and Color at the James Perse Sample Sale

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When we got to 260 Sample Sale around 10am this morning, there was a smallish line of people waiting to get into the James Perse sample sale. By the time we left at 11, that line had grown drastically. Here's why: the prices are simply amazing. Oh, and the stock isn't too shabby either.

There are tons of colors and styles to choose from, and at really low prices. For starters, if you're looking to really save, you can stock up on samples (if you're a female anyway). That includes nearly two aisles filled with dresses for $25, jackets for $35, and shorts and skirts for just $15.

Feeling like a Big Spender? The classic James Perse merchandise is in abundance, and the most expensive item we saw was a cool black puffer jacket for $75—don't worry, there's an entire rack filled with these. We also noticed an entire rack filled with tanks in a multitude of colors and sizes for only $15. There was still a ton left even after the initial crowd plowed through that section.

The crowd did indeed pile in quickly, but the stock wasn't thinning out. (But who knows how long that will last once word gets out about the prices.) However, we did hear that they would be restocking when it becomes necessary, so the chances of grabbing a few $50 sweaters and $20 sample bottoms are still ever in your favor.

We did notice a few items on the price list that we were not able to locate, like swim and footwear. Perhaps these items were just sparse and snatched up quickly, or maybe the team is waiting to put these items out when they re-stock.

What you will find on the sales floor will include a ton of James Perse Yosemite activewear with bras and tops for $20, and bottoms for $50. You will also find lots of sample bottoms that cost only $20, as well as sample shirts for $25.

As for the menswear department, this section is not nearly as large as the women's, but there is still a nice amount of clothing to sift through. There's a long aisle filled with men's pants as well as a rack of button-down shirts, both priced at $50. There is also an ample amount Yosemite activewear for the fellas to choose from, as well as a bunch of t-shirts for $20.

By 10:30, the line to check out was already stretching to the back of the floor, so what did the smart 260 staff do? They began to move stock around in order to make room for more cashiers. Good thinking 260!

The only thing to complain about here is that it will take some time to be let inside, as well as some time to pay. But the wait is truly worth it, because you can walk out spending under a $100 with a few new pieces in tow.

The sale will be open until Sunday, and both cash and credit cards are accepted. Be sure to browse through the gallery above for the price list and snapshots of the clothes.—Claudia Saide
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260 Sample Sale

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