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Power Dress at This Week's Jil Sander Sample Sale

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If you saw our liveblog of the line this morning, then you already know that the Jil Sander sample sale drew quite the crowd. The line was a mix of quintessential NYC fashion darlings, in-the-know tourists, and career women who were probably early adopters of the brand—all gathered together in pursuit of items from Raf Simons' last collections for the label.

The luxury goods-bouncers manning the gates were clearly prepared for the mass pilgrimage, and had a well-planned set up that allowed only twenty or so guests in at a time, with a limit of one hour to check out the goods. Logical as this may be, it did guarantee that most people were stuck cooling their heels (quite literally) for a good long while. Some of them may still be there. We got there an hour early and still had to wait an hour past opening time to get in.

Everything is between 80% and 90% off, and most ready-to-wear falls in the sweet spot of 85% off. Don't expect anything to be cheap—except some basics and denim—but do expect decently reduced price tags.

Some examples: We saw a red wool pencil skirt for $245 (was $1630), a sporty black dress for $237 (was $1,580), and a variety of other ready-to-wear dresses priced around $200 (with original prices falling around $1,300 to $1,400). Some of these were particularly cute and summery, including a white tank dress with an abstract chevron print, and a starched linen number that walked the line between tennis dress and Victorian pinafore.

There weren't too many accessories left, though we saw a decent selection of boxy leather bags for $242 (were $1,210) and a few pairs of nylon knee socks. We didn't get a good look at the shoes, sadly, but there seemed to be decent selection of larger sizes and they were all 80% off. This section was pretty busy, partially because it was situated directly adjacent to the fitting room.

It's also definitely worth taking a break from the racks to check out the large table in the front where sweaters, jeans, and tank tops were arrayed. Here, we spotted a sheer white dress for $59.50 (was $595), and some cute faux-varsity sweaters that were $75 (from $500). Jeans were all 90% off, bringing them from $545 to $54.50.

The overall scene was calm and patient, thanks to the crowd-control measures (with the exception of the aforementioned shoe section). More to the point, this is a sale where you're paying J. Crew collection prices for Jil Sander fashion. If you're ambivalent or busy or both, maybe give this sale a pass. If you have the time to wait on line and/or a commitment to the brand, we would say it's worth you checking out. To see hours and additional info, check out the dealfeed below.—Becca Endicott
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