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The Tucker Sample Sale Is Super Cute, But Not Super Cheap

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The Tucker by Gaby Basora sample sale opened at the brand's West Broadway boutique at 9am this morning, which is right when we moseyed on over to check it out. Each of the two rooms in the shop are filled with racks of dresses, tops, pants, and shorts in silk florals and pastels. Most of the stock is from past spring collections, but we did notice a small selection of heavier coats on one of the racks in the front room.

The breakdown of pricing is really straightforward, with lists affixed to the walls in both rooms. Longer dresses and jumpsuits are $125, short sleeve and sleeveless dresses are $100, blouses are $75, skirts and shorts are $60, pants are $95, sleeveless tops are $50, and coats are $225. If you have a little daughter or niece, you might find her a silk cami to match yours for 35 bucks.

Granted, the merchandise isn't super cheap, but everything looks brand new and that includes the samples that are mixed in for $40, which are denoted by a green or grey tag.

We were told that stock won't be replenished unless additional sizes are found in styles that are already out. That would be really wonderful, since most of the clothing at this sale is either a size petite or small. We did find some pieces in medium and large, but overall those seemed rather scarce.

Other things to note: The Tucker staff is really helpful and quick with restocking unwanted try-ons, so if you don't see your size in something you like, wait a moment or two, as it may very well appear. There's only one fitting room, however most women were stripping down to their skivvies in the back.

And aside from the classic Tucker clothing, you'll also find a collection of colorful pillows priced between $25 and $45. There's also a small selection of Jerome Rousseau heels and wedges priced at $150.

Both cash and credit cards are accepted, and the cherry on top is that an eco-friendly receipt will be emailed to you. The sale runs until Saturday; check the dealfeed below for additional info.—Claudia Saide
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