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Courtney Love's Beauty Routine; Vogue Backs Model Union Code

Prada Soho, photo by Brian Harkin
Prada Soho, photo by Brian Harkin

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· Duman Home opens on Court Street [DNAinfo]
· Vivobarefoot says goodbye to Elizabeth Street [Bowery Boogie]
· A galley/café/shop debuts on Grand Street [Tribeca Citizen]

· Courtney Love offers a rundown of her beauty routine [ITG]
· Guess is looking for its next Guess girl [WWD]
· Buzzfeed's DIY site has officially launched [Buzzfeed]
· How Vaunte is using connections to sell socialite's clothes [Fashionista]

· Vogue UK is the first to sign union code for models [Vogue UK]
· Walmart donates $1.6 million to train Bangladesh workers [HuffPo]
· Fashion retailers size up the e-commerce potential in Middle East [BoF]