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If You Let It, the J. Mendel Sale Could Set You Back Thousands

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The J. Mendel sample sale opened to the public today, largely for anyone specifically in the market for a ton of fur. Around noon today, the sale was composed of at least four racks of fur coats, two smaller racks of leather jackets and pants, two racks of cocktail-length dresses, and three or four racks of evening wear.

There are also three tables with full of fur accessories, gloves, and muffs. This is where the shoes are, though there's only about five pairs on display: a few pairs of pumps in different colors, and one pair of thigh-high suede/fur boots. We also saw rows of fur throw pillows, and a rack of spangly cardigans and fur shrugs.

For an idea on pricing, here are a few pieces we spotted—in the order of most to least expensive:

· Natural blue iris mink, $8,750 (from $35,000)
· Mink coat, $7,000 (from $29,000)
· Multi fur coat, $5,875 (from $23,500)
· Mink/fox coat, $2,980 (from $14,900)
· Fur vest, $1,712.50 (from $6,850)
· Silk faille gown, 1,447.50 (from $5,790)
· Goat shrug, $995 (from $3,980)
· Chiffon jacket, $922 (from $3,690)
· Badger pillow, $770 (from $3,850)
· Silk georgette dress, $500 (from $6,950)
· Coyote muff, $448 (from $2,240)
· Fur lined gloves, $290 (from $1,590)
· White leather and fur santa hat, $30 (from $4,200)

Reporting by Becca Endicott
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