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42 Pictures From Inside the Decades Trunk Show

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It's a sea of double C's—that's Chanel, darling—on the lower level of 583 Park Avenue. The team behind Decades has landed in New York with another legendary pop-up in tandem with the launch of their Bravo series The Dukes of Melrose. The two-day trunk show runs from 10am to 7pm today and tomorrow, and includes racks and racks of incredible vintage, menswear, and a collaboration with Dita Von Tesse.

While the selection is mindblowing—there's an entire corner of Chanel clothing, three tables of bags, a Valentino mink—be prepared to pay for it. We didn't see anything under the three digit price point, and plenty of items ring in at over a grand. Lovers of fashion and history should consider making the trek for the archival inspiration and the cheap thrill of slipping on a pristine, vintage Oscar de la Renta jacket.

Amidst the breathtaking selection at last night's preview, we were able to grab a moment with Decades co-owner Christos Garkinos. We got his take on NY vs. LA, why he likes Bergdorf best, the Real Housewives, and what he thought about the most recent Saint Laurent show.

Where do you like to shop in New York?

I don't shop in New York.

Why is that?

I shop everything at my store! That's not true. I go to Bergdorf, and I go to Ina for resale.

Why do you go to Bergdorf Goodman over the other major luxury department stores?

They tend to have exclusives that other [retailers] don't get.

How do you feel about New York style versus LA style?

It's so different but also so similar. Everyone just wants to look and feel their own style. I've seen the style in LA get much more serious recently. It's not the level of New York but it's still there. In both areas I think we set trends.

Any thoughts on a permanent New York store for Decades?

Well, I like to love 'em and leave 'em! Come in, get in, get out. People love us and I kind of catch up six months afterwards and it just works.

Tell me how the Dukes of Melrose show came about.

We've been asked by many people to do something and we finally decided to go with Bravo because they're the best in the business.

Are you ready, willing, and able to become so public?

I got recognized yesterday in New York and it was so strange. I thought it was a friend of mine and I was like, "Hey!" Then, "Oh my God, I don't know you." Then he was like, "I'm looking forward to your show." It hadn't hit. Because in LA you don't walk anywhere, you're in your car. So that was kind of fun. But, you know, I've always been someone who's really approachable; I like people. Though it was strange thing at the LA premiere, this woman followed me around with her phone all night and was taking pictures of me. And I was like, "Maybe I'm cute, but I'm not that special."

Which Real Housewives cast would you join?

Oh, Orange County all the way. Give me Vicky or give me death.

Why Orange County over Beverly Hills?

I know a lot of the girls from Beverly Hills and they're very nice, but the ones I relate to are the Orange County girls.

You're deeply rooted in vintage, but it's fashion month. Has there been anything that's caught your eye this season?

The Celine show was insane. I loved it. I loved the coats. I kind of loved... you're going to kill me. I'm wearing Saint Laurent tonight. I kind of loved the [Saint Laurent] show. I love grunge. I was living in London when grunge happened and I felt it, with Kate Moss and all that stuff. So [the show] was like a massive "fuck you," to everybody I think. I think the younger you are, the more you understand it. That's your vintage. You get it like, "Oh my God I remember all that stuff." I can't imagine those women in the front row, though.
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