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Replenish Your Entire Wardrobe at the DKNY Sample Sale

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The DKNY sample sale officially opens today at 9am at 260 Fifth Avenue, and yesterday, we stopped by the friends and family preview to check out the goods. First things first, there is no Donna Karen Collection at all. As a matter of fact, this time around there is nothing but DKNY merchandise.

But before you get upset, note that this really affects pricing in a positive way. Most of the stuff is marked no higher than $125, with a few exceptions for leather and fur. And there is ton of clothing to go around.

Let's start with the back wall. First, you will hit a few racks filled with men's clothes, including everything from T-shirts and sweaters to denim and coats. There is also a small table filled with some shoes and underwear (weird combination, we know). Most of the shoes are only 30 bucks, but boots are priced at $50. There wasn't much of a selection though. For a detailed pricelist, be sure to check the photo gallery.

Next we spotted racks of women's leather and outerwear. This included an abundance of leather jackets and blazers and some awesome furry coats. There is no set price for any leather or shearling pieces, but most of the leather is marked $249, and the really nice shearlings we picked up were priced at $500. There are also a ton of fun faux fur jackets for $125.

Onto the shoes. The back alcove is filled with boxes and, get this—nothing is over $50. Yep, that means a pair of suede boots will only run you 50 bucks, and any other shoes or sandals will only cost $30. If you fit into sample sizes, there's a table near the stairs of runway samples for $30.

Back up towards the dressing room—which has a 10-piece limit—you'll find skirts for $30 and sweaters for $50. You'll also find pants and denim marked $30 each. Mostly everything is grouped by category except for the dresses, which are organized by size and take up the first two rows of the sale. Gowns, cocktail dresses, and workday frocks are all equally priced at $85.

As for accessories, there wasn't that much to choose from. We found one bin filled with $30 scarves, and a table of belts priced at $50. There were a few handbags for $75, but not a massive selection. This sale is all about the clothes, so if you are in the market for a little wardrobe refresher, this might be just the place for you.

Both credit cards and cash are accepted. The sale runs all week and wraps up Saturday. For close-ups of some of the merchandise, click through the gallery above. For all other info, see the dealfeed below.—Claudia Saide
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260 Sample Sale

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