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The Sneaker of Our Dreams Is Coming This Spring

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Today's pick comes from Racked Chicago editor Jared Hatch.

Nike Free Trainer 5.0, $95

For anyone like me, who frequently heads from a wifi-enabled coffee shop to an after-work event and then on to Equinox, you need versatile footwear with a glove-like fit that's lightweight enough to carry in your laptop bag. So in short, it's all about adaptability. On March 28, Nike will release this dream shoe, the Nike Free Trainer 5.0—and it's inspired by a Chinese finger trap.

When the shoe is relaxed in a static state and not in motion, it becomes very comfortable and loose, but as soon as you start moving and flexing your feet, the body of the shoe explosively tenses, creating a better fit, which in turn helps muscles become stronger. Plus, they come in flashy color combos.
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