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Is This $91,500 Hermès Shirt the Priciest Tee in NYC? Probably.

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Original image via <a href="">The Awl</a>
Original image via The Awl

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The Awl has directed our attention to what is probably the most expensive tee shirt in all of New York City (and beyond): a crocodile Hermès shirt priced at $91,500. They hilariously write:

Literally, the entire shirt is just luxurious, beautifully sewn swaths of crocodile. This makes it possibly rather uncomfortable, and perhaps a little heavy, for a t-shirt. Seems like you might feel a little clammy in it? Also kind of awkward to just have everyone stare at your shirt. ("Is that strange rich man wearing a crocodile???)

Forgive me for not having pictures of the t-shirt itself; photographs are forbidden at the Hermès store, most probably as an anti-knockoff policy, or possibly to keep secret the fact that there are t-shirts that cost MORE THAN THREE OR FOUR ACTUALLY QUITE DECENT CARS.

They also calculated the sales tax, which would be roughly $8,000.
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