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The Nanette Lepore Sale Is Still Packed With Real Samples

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Last week, we reviewed the Nanette Lepore archival sample sale and found a great selection of clothing—the racks were packed with one-of-a-kind samples and runway pieces—all at low prices. When we learned that they'd extended the sale and were continuing to add racks of new samples daily, we wondered if it was worth a return visit.

After checking it out today, our verdict is a resounding "Yes." There's still tons of stock—and about two thirds of it is new. If you did well at the sale last week, or if you never made it there but like Lepore's designs, you probably should give it a look.

Fortunately, the sale is still full of real samples. This time around, we saw more neons and bright colors from the last two years, along with plenty of new pieces from much older seasons. There are a lot of new knits, pants and tops, as well as some new dresses, coats and jackets.

Clothing prices are the same—everything still ranges between $10 and $85. Dresses are $50 and $65, tops are between $10 and $40 and bottoms run between $20 and $40. The only new accessories we saw were more pairs of shoes from the line that Nanette Lepore designed for Keds. These are now priced at $15.

Since most of what you'll see are samples and runway pieces, the majority of items tend to be size 2, but if you're willing to put the time into searching, we spotted a few pieces in just about every size. Be forewarned, though: Since many of the designs never made it into production, a few of the pieces are unfinished and require a bit of tailoring.
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