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Confused by Makeup? There's a Personal Shopper for That

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Fortunately, those baffled by concealer, eyeshadow, and all other types of cosmetics now have a woman who will personally navigate the counters of Barneys, Henri Bendel, and Sephora for them. For a fee of $200, Raychel Wade of the company Cheek to Chic will personally hand-hold you through the above-mentioned stores, with the end result being your "new look" and a significantly lighter wallet.

The Times reports:

Ms. Wade is part of a growing industry of personal shoppers around the country who have found a niche helping women navigate an increasingly littered maze of lipsticks, blushes, foundations, eye shadows and other cosmetics. Unlike many professional makeup artists who are widely quoted giving advice in magazines but affiliated with brands, like Gucci Westman for Revlon, these professionals make a selling point of their neutrality.

The writer adds that her $200 was well spent: she was able to leave her coat and purse behind the Nars counter at Barneys and received a free bottle of water, "thanks to [Wade's] relationship with the salesclerks." The $200, of course, doesn't cover the cost of makeup—you have to shell out for that on your own.
· A Guide for Those Lost in the Aisles [NYT]

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