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Hot Brooklyn Food Dudes Serve as Gant Rugger Inspiration

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There's a lot of good stuff going on in Brooklyn right now: good drinks, yummy food, especially attractive gentlemen with and without beards. It makes enough sense that Gant Rugger drew inspiration from a group of Brooklyn-based food and drink guys for their fall 2013 collection.

Brooklyn Luxè, as the collection is called, was designed for hardworking, passionate dudes like the guys behind the Brooklyn Salsa Company, Kings County Distillery and a pair of chef brothers who wrote a cookbook together (aw). The collection stays true to what Gant calls their "sprezzy but messy" style, mixed with a laidback update vibe. And there are hamburger graphics hidden in the linings of some pieces.

Ladies won't be able to partake in sartorial side of the collection, but we can indulge in the food. There will be a series of edibles made by the Brooklyn muses in collaboration with Gant, available at the clothier's store come fall. While you wait, we suggest that you kick back and click through our slideshow of cute dudes who can cook (of course they're all wearing Gant Rugger).
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