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UWS Woman Claims Pure Yoga Employs a Self-Pleasuring Staffer

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Image via Yelp

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Perhaps by a gracious act of God, we somehow missed this icky story from the New York Post earlier this week. According to the article, an Upper West Side woman is suing Equinox's Pure Yoga because her daily exercise routine was interrupted by a masturbating maintenance worker.

We'll just let the Post take it from here, if that's alright with you:

Keiko Herskovitz, a regular yogi at Equinox's Pure Yoga on W. 77th Street, was in the corpse pose called shavasana, laying down with her eyes closed on Jan. 26, when she "heard someone walk into the room." At first Herskovitz, 55, ignored the noise until "she felt that there was a person next to her, and she opened her eyes to find a Pure Yoga employee, a maintenance associate, about two feet away, masturbating," the suit alleges."

Because if there's one noise that should never be ignored, it's that one. Allegedly, Pure Yoga hasn't taken any action against the worker in question, and according to a spokesperson, police said there's "there's no evidence of a crime."
· Woman in yoga pose awoken by man masturbating next to her [NYP via MUW]

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