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Band of Outsiders Will Have Two Cute Dudes Running Around NYC

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Always good for an unconventional Fashion Week presentation, Band of Outsiders may have bested themselves this season. A twelve hour scavenger hunt pitting two male models against each other to showcase a total of twenty looks is planned for February 7th in lieu of, you know, some kind of runway bore. After the jump, we've detailed how you can get in on these professionally attractive guys in competition.

Starting at 7:30am, a chaperone will show up at each of the models' respective homes. They'll confiscate any kind of cellular or web enabled device in exchange for a pair of clean underwear. The Game, as it's called, begins at 9:00am at Game Control, which is a transparent vehicle roaming Manhattan. Each model will get dressed in their first look and be sent out with their first clue.

Each clue involves a challenge or task at a different checkpoint in Manhattan and will be completed by returning to Game Control for the next look. Each model will take on ten looks. The model who completes his challenges and subsequent looks first will find himself at a party in his honor.

Onlookers can participate through the brand's social media channels—Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and at—and are encouraged to snap pictures with the hashtag #mattvsmiles. Overall, major points to Band of Outsiders for the fresh perspective on showcasing a new collection and for the promise of a pair of well-dressed guys roaming the city Thursday.
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