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The Soho Alliance Happily Responds to the Death of FNO

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Happier times: Anna Wintour and P Diddy celebrating FNO in 2010
Happier times: Anna Wintour and P Diddy celebrating FNO in 2010

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Yesterday, the Soho Alliance sent around an email rejoicing the fact that Fashion's Night Out has officially been put in time out. Basically, no one is happier than these guys. In addition to taking a lot of the credit, the Alliance also attacks Anna "The Devil Wears Prada" Wintour (their words), stating that the annual brouhaha had become a personal embarrassment for the Vogue editor. Because it was too late to immortalize them as cats, we present their entire email in full after the jump.

For the past several years, the event deteriorated in SoHo as crowds of underage kids showed up to grab the booze that the retailers freely doled out, roamed the streets well past midnight, carousing half-drunk, urinating in our doorways, screaming, trashing and creating general disorder, including the attack on a motorist on Broadway and Bleecker Street last year.

Our calls to Vogue for a meeting to try to work things out were never returned.

Disgusted that Wintour showed such contempt towards our neighborhood, the SoHo Alliance reached out to the community board, the Mayor's Office, the NYPD, the Sanitation Department and the media for help—and to embarrass the fashionistas.

Our efforts paid off. Read here. Apparently, it would have been too humiliating for Wintour to admit yielding to our pressure and to cancel the event only in New York. So she threw the baby out with the bath water, canceling it nationwide—yet still maintaining the event internationally.

It's gratifying to have our neighborhood back for ourselves for that night! The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

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