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Updated: The Diptyque Sale's Candles Were Restocked

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The Diptyque sample sale reopened this morning at 11am with significanty more candles. When we stopped by yesterday afternoon, it was pretty much nothing but holiday scents left. Over the course of the day, we had heard conflicting responses as to whether or not they'd be restocking the candles, but our reporter on scene notes that some additional standard scents have arrived.

She explains that theres's a staffer behind the table of standard candles restocking the merchandise as it's being taken by eager shoppers. As of 11:45am, there was a "decent supply" of Lilas, Chêne, Oranger, Cannelle, and Menthe Verte. She notes that there appear to be additional boxes of stock, but by no means an endless supply—so you probably want to take an early lunch if you're hoping to grab one. In other home fragrance news, there aren't many room sprays left, but there are lots of regular eau de toilettes hanging around. And of course, holiday candles.

Update: And they're gone. Per our our commenters, as of 3pm there were only holiday candles left and no more standard scents.
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Diptyque Sample Sale

225 Fifth Avenue New York NY