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Everything You Need to Know About the Diptyque Sample Sale

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The Diptyque sample sale opens to the public at 10am today at 225 Fifth Avenue. We stopped by for a sneak peek last night, and found it filled to the brim with candles, colognes, room sprays, and more. Just in case things got pillaged last night, we were told they'll be restocking daily.

The full price list is after the jump, but here's a very quick rundown if you're in a rush to get there before it opens: Mini candles are $14, standard-size candles are $30, room sprays are $25, and 100ml fragrances are $55. There's also a section of testers (candles, Eau de Toilettes and Eau De Parfums, body lotion, and more) priced cheaper than the rest of the stock. We've also detailed a few of the most popular scents at the sale, but click through the gallery above for the complete picture.

Standard candles are $30, colored candles are $45, and mini candles are $14. XL candles (500g) are $138 and coffrets are $42. Valentine's Day candles and Rose Duo candles are both $39. 190g Holiday Candles are $34 and Holiday Mini Candles are $16.

For the standard candles, we saw lots of of Pomander, Gardenia, Santal, Baies, Pin, Feu de Bois, and smaller amounts of Aubepine, Jasmine, Mauquis, Iris, and Tuberose. For the mini candles, we found a good amount of Jasmine, Figuier, Baies, Pomander, and Verveien. We only saw one XL candle in Figuier.

50ml Eau de Toilettes are $40, 100ml Eau de Toilettes are $55, and roll-ons are $24; there was a solid selection of Tam Dao, L'Ombre, Philosykos, and Do Son.

Scented Ovals are $23 and room sprays are $25. Single soaps are $8, and a box of three soaps are $18. There are fair amount of Musc sprays, with a much smaller selection of Mimosa, Thé, Oranger, and Opopanax.

Travel EDT sets are $60, Travel Refills are $30, and the L'Ombre dans l'Eau Travel Kit is $18.

The 34 Collection
The 34 candle is $40, the 100ml Eau de Toilette is $68, the 50ml Eau de Toilette is $50, the 34 Eau Particular is $68, the 34 Single Soap is $15, and the 34 Scented Oval is $25.

Art of Body Care
Hand Creme is $19; Fresh Body Lotion is $29; Precious Oils are $39; Body Creme Rich is $45; and the Body Scrub is $34. The Velvet Hand Lotion and the Creamy Body Wash are $21; Handsoap and the Revitalizing Shower Gel are both $19; and the Satin Oil is $29.

Holiday 190g candles are $27, holiday 70g candles are $12, Eau de Toilettes (100ml) are $21, Eau De Parfums are $27, Room sprays are $23, Colognes (200ml) are $27, and Fresh Body Lotion is $11. This area is a lot smaller than the rest of the sale, and was also pretty crowded last night. But if you're up for reading teeny-tiny labels, you can save a few bucks.

Lastly, snuffers and wick trimmers are $19, and lids are $11.

The verdict? Whether you're a diehard Diptyque fan or just like things that smell good, you should probably head over to the sale sooner rather than later. Be prepared to drop a chunk of change, though, since $30 isn't exactly cheap for a candle—and you're probably going to buy (a lot) more than one. The sale wraps up at 5pm tonight and ends on Friday at 3pm. For additional info see the dealfeed below.
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