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Dedicated Diptyque Superfans Are Braving This Morning's Rain

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The Diptyque sample sale opens to the public today at 10am, and we're expecting a crowd—last March's sale saw such a huge turnout, it actually had to temporarily close. Read on for reporter Claudia Saide's account of the line, and head here for our coverage from last night's preview.

9:20am: I just got on the line, and I counted about 15 umbrellas ahead of me. Overall I'd say I'm around the 20th person in line. Guess the rain scared people off. More for us!

9:24am: The staffers are setting up more velvet rope to lock us in. Everyone except a few people in the front look pissed to be out in this weather. Hoping it's worth it!

9:29am: Another 10 or so people just got on the line behind me. I want to ask someone what they're hoping to get, but the damn umbrellas are masking everyone.

9:30am: OMG, they're letting us in early! The doors have opened.

9:32am: I'm almost inside! There are only about nine people ahead of me.

9:35am: Only four people ahead of me and then I'm in. People, get here now!

9:37am: Everyone still looks kind of pissed. They opened early—what else could you want?

9:40am: There are about 25 people behind me now. A lot of black umbrellas. Way different umbrella crowd than the DVF sale.

9:43am: Oh man, the line has grow in the blink of an eye. Must be about 40 now behind me.

9:48am: I'm in! Stay tuned for a full report from inside.

Diptyque Sample Sale

225 Fifth Avenue New York NY