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Despite the Frenzy, the Diptyque Sale Crowd Is Pleasantly Civil

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After a crowded preview last night, it was obvious that the Diptyque team knew what to expect at today's sample sale opening—they allowed shoppers to enter a full half-hour early, while the line was still only about 30 deep. Presumably, they figured it was best to let people in ahead of time to keep the line moving.

We entered the sale around 9:45am, and walked into a room of about 30 happy shoppers. There was no coat/bag check to slow things down—just a few boxes on the floor for umbrellas (which gives us major anxiety because one day somebody will steal it. Thankfully, today was not that day).

As for the stock this morning, the sale was filled with candles, gift sets, perfumes and colognes, room sprays, soaps, and special addition scents. When we asked one of the Diptyque specialists if there was any back stock, he explained that everything was out. However a few moments later we noticed some boxes were stowed behind the tables, and last night we were told that new merchandise would be added daily.

Hopefully, that's the case, because items were going fast. Within the first 30 minutes of the sale's opening, all of the Baies candles were gone. We didn't even get the chance to sniff them. We also saw lots of crowd hovering over the room spray table, the colognes, and the mini-candle display.

For a rundown of what to expect price-wise, see our post from last night. Basically: mini candles are $14, standard candles are $30, room sprays are $25, 50ml Eau de Toilettes are $40, 100ml Eau de Toilettes are $55, and Art of Body Care items are priced from $19 to $45.

One other thing we noticed was the camaraderie in the room. Yep—that's right— shoppers were smelling candles together and even offering opinions. There was absolutely no pushing or shoving, and a simple "pardon me" got a nice "no worries!". One sweet shopper even came over to us to offer an extra perfume she found to match the candle we picked out together. In short, it did not seem like a sample sale at all.

And fortunately, checking out was a breeze—there were more than a few people working the register and no line to wait on. Take note, though, that the sale is credit card only. When we headed out, we noticed that the line had grown substantially, as it was snaking around the block. If people weren't fighting over candles yet, they will be very shortly.—Claudia Saide
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