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R.I.P. Fashion's Night Out. Here's Your Eulogy, Presented by Cats.

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When Fashion's Night Out first started it was kind of awesome. And then it turned into a roaming clusterfuck traveling through Soho and other neighborhoods in search of free booze and Azealia Banks. But that's all over now, as Vogue and the CFDA have officially announced that it's going on "hiatus."

There are definitely people who loved—and still love—Fashion's Night Out. But it's safe to say that none of them worked in the fashion media. (If your job required you to strap on heels and fight your way through a mob of people in order to interview one of the lesser Kardashians, you'd feel the same way.) We polled some of our fashion journalist friends for their honest reactions, and, in homage to our sister site's Critical Cats series, we present eight of the best in the gallery above.
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