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UWS Bartenders Think Kate Spade Might Open on Columbus Ave

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The rumor swirling around the Upper West Side bar scene is that Kate Spade might be opening a shop at 205 Columbus Avenue. If it happens, the store would be taking the place of The Emerald Inn, which has been in business for 70 years and is expected to close this May. West Side Rag reports:

A bartender told our tipster Lindsay Anne Deak this week that Kate Spade will be opening a new store in the space. It was the second time we've heard the news, after a bartender told us earlier this month that "guys in suits" had been sizing up the Emerald Inn for new tenants. We haven't heard back from the Kate Spade corporate office, but an emoloyee at one of their stores said she had heard something about an upcoming Upper West Side opening.

We've also reached out to Kate Spade, and will let you know what's up when we hear back. So far, the only store-opening plans that have been announced are for a location on Madison Avenue.
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The Emerald Inn

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