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Carroll Gardens Barber Shop Persons of Interest Expands

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Persons of Interest just added more chairs, more space, and an apothecary—and they did it so subtly, you might not even notice. When owner Steve Marks opened the spot in October 2010, he retained the feel of the previous tenant, an old-school barber shop known as Sal's. The walls stayed paneled, the seats kept their midcentury look, and the tropical 1970s mural at the back stayed firmly untouched.

So when it came time to expand, Marks had to figure out how to grow without changing any of the elements that have come to define his salon. His team took over the apartment behind the space, knocked down the back wall, and carefully transferred the mural. (Even during the brief construction period, Marks reports, customers complained when it was covered up.) They also scoured the east coast for chairs that matched the originals, and covered the walls with the same wood grain. The result: the space is definitely bigger, but the spirit of Persons of Interest—and Sal's before it—remains intact.

The biggest change might be the apothecary, which carries brands like Ursa Major, Portland General, Juniper Ridge, and Aesop, none of which are easy to find in the general Carroll Gardens area. Prices, by the way, are still friendly, even if they're not exactly 1970s vintage: a basic haircut costs just $40.
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