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The Discounts Are Still Skimpy at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

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For the last Barneys Warehouse Sale in the Chelsea location, we were hoping for a blowout of epic proportions—a fitting finale for the semi-annual tradition. Sadly, this season's sale isn't exactly living up to previous legends. Great steals are few and far between, and you're unlikely to stumble across any breathtaking designer pieces.

If you were hoping that deep discounts would redeem the limited stock, we have more bad news. One week in, and shoes are still only 25% off, and women's clothing just got marked down to 25% off today. There is evidence of real price-slashing in the blue star section (which is 75% off) and the blue tag imperfects (which are 50% off), but be prepared to dig if you want to find anything worth your while.

The verdict in menswear is slightly more optimistic; all men's suits and sportswear are 30% off, and selection is decent. We spotted an Armani sport coat priced at $599 (was $1,545) and a Dries Van Noten dress shirt for $139 (was $298). Other menswear is 25% off, and blue tag and blue star items have the same discounts here as upstairs. However, the Co-op clothes leave something to be desired.

But if you were hoping to browse through the women's shoes and clothes and just stumble upon something fantastic, prepare to be disappointed. Truly dedicated treasure-hunters might still be able to track down some worthy pieces—we did spot an adorable Phillip Lim dress for $172—but if combing obsessively through the racks isn't your style, you might want to wait it out until the next round of markdowns, which are rumored to be taking place on Saturday. The other alternative: sit this one out and save yourself the heartbreak of watching a beloved institution go out with a whimper rather than a bang.—Becca Endicott
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