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State Bags at Warby Parker; Key Foods Joins Walgreens

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MEATPACKING DISTRICT—It's a meeting of the do-gooder minds. STATE Bags, a recently launched backpack company that gives a bag for everyone one it sells, will be popping up at the Warby Parker Annex through Sunday. Pick up a bag, priced $55 to $225, alongside Warby Parker's glasses, $95—$145, and double your give-back shopping. [Racked Wire]

WINDSOR TERRACE—When Key Foods closed and a mega Walgreens was announced in its place, Windsor Terrace residents, including a group called Green Beans Not Walgreens, got vocal. Now, Walgreens has announced that it's teaming up with Key Foods to provide a full service grocery store. The location will be a combination of the retailer and the grocer and will open this fall. [Racked Wire; Previously]

Warby Parker Annex

819 Washington St, New York, NY